Equine Photography Tips & Techniques:
Black Backgrounds
A Video Class with Terri Cage
Plus Optional Mentoring

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What is in the package?
4 Recorded Videos from the Webinars (10 1/2 hours)
and 4 Additional "Behind the Scenes" Videos
6 Quick Tip Videos
List of Resources and Access to our Private Facebook Group

Optional Mentoring
45 Minute Private Follow-up Mentoring Session


Photo by Terri Cage

What this course covers:

  • Learn how to create the black background images that are so popular with clients.
  • Finding and working with locations and finding the best light.
  • Equipment you will need.
  • Preparing yourself and your client.
  • Developing poses and a pose flow.
  • Techniques to get the best expressions from your equine subject.
  • Culling skills: What images to keep and which one to delete.
  • Editing tips and techniques in Lightroom and Photoshop.
  • Tips and techniques for creating black backgrounds in the camera.

All On Demand Videos via YouTube links and Pre-recorded Zoom Webinars

Webinar Session 1 Video:
Black Background Demonstrations

  Preparing your client
  Selecting and preparing the location
  Common poses and flow

Webinar Session 2 Video:
Lightroom Demo

  Photo Culling- what images to use and which ones to cull and why.
  General editing

Photo by Terri CageWebinar Session 3 Video:
Photoshop Demo Part I

  Different methods to edit your images.
  With and without a black backdrop.

Webinar Session 4 Video:
Photoshop Demo Part II

  Removing objects
  Replacing parts.
  Making images pop

  4 Behind the Scenes Videos
  6 Quick Tips
  Resource list
  Access to Private Facebook Grop

All resources listed above
included in package, no time restrictions: $49

Learn more:
  45 minute private follow up mentoring session
   with Terri Cage for $69


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About Terri: Terri Cage is based in a small town in North Texas, very close to the heart of horse country. Being a lifelong horse lover and owner, Terri started her photography emphasis with horses and people with her horses. Terri added senior portraits to her collections after several customers asked if she would photograph their senior portraits with their horse. Terri enjoyed photographing seniors and a new niche within her photography business was started. Terri has a degree in fashion and design, which helps in choosing the best fashion and colors that complement each model. Her knowledge of horses helps in understanding the best angles and the correct timing to make a horse look its best. Equine photography takes a great deal of patience and it is something she has plenty of.

She has spent countless hours studying the behavior, movement, and conformation of horses. She takes pride in making you and your horse look your best. Terri also keeps a large collection of equine stock images and has been published in numerous publications.

Visit her site at http://www.terricage-photography.com/