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Spring 2015 Workshops Newsletter

indicates an EPNet sponsored event.

Winter Meet Up for Equine Photographers
March 16th - 22nd, 2015 - Ocala, Florida

Escape the winter blues and join us for a meet up in Ocala, Florida in March! Shoots will be planned each day beginning Monday, March 16th and ending Saturday, March 21st with plenty of time to explore the area on your own. Tentative shoots include Gypsy Vanners, cowboys, grey horse unicorn/fantasy, hunter/jumper lifestyle shots and more. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, March 20th - 22nd we will be offering class room sessions with Scott Trees, Darlene Wohlart and Carien Schippers.

Photo by Carien Schippers

View complete schedule and information on the EPnet event site.

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Fundamentals of Equine Photography
with Scott Trees

March 22nd - Ocala, Florida or April 11th & 12th - Denver, Colorado

The digital revolution has made the act of taking pictures much easier. But picture takers are a dime a dozen. Picture creators on the other hand, are a different story and Scott Trees is recognized throughout the world as one of the more innovative equine photographers in the field.

His workshop, Fundamentals of Equine Photography, is a daylong classroom based forum where Scott openly discusses his experience and knowledge with participants. Using PowerPoint and video to illustrate the concepts he teaches, Scott willingly shares his vast knowledge and experience about the art of photographing horses. From equipment considerations, to lighting and exposure, poses, and final output and much more, this day long workshop is packed full of useful and practical information to help students improve their personal efforts with photography in general, and horses in specific.

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Fundamentals of Equine Video
with Scott Trees

March 21st - Ocala, Florida or April 11th & 12th - Denver, Colorado

Moving pictures sell. That is a well known fact in advertising. Still pictures garner the attention, but in today's digital world, it is video that has become critical in marketing efforts. For still photographers, this is a crucial understanding. As a still photographer if you aren't at least considering how video can work into something to offer your client base, you are behind the curve. As one of the few photographers that transitioned effectively to include video services for his client base Scott Trees has 30 years of experience in this medium. His workshop, Fundamentals of Equine Video, is a classroom based workshop designed to open a creative door to video production using DSLR and traditional video cameras. From the pre-production concepts including equipment considerations and planning, to the actual production aspects of shooting, ending with editing considerations and final output, Scott openly shares his vast knowledge of video production as it applies to horses.

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Shooting West Texas Photography Workshop at the historic Kokernot o6 Ranch
April 11th, 2015 (2 optional days available) - Fort Davis, Texas

If you're a little tired or even full of workshops where you watch a PowerPoint presentation and then get into some more classroom work and then go out for an hour or two to take photos to see if you can implement what you learned then you should take a serious look at my workshop. The classroom instruction is minimal we are in the field all day and at night. So why don't you quit listening to what your instructor did in the years past and start building your own history and award winning photography for yourself. Our attendees do just that!

Photo by Vicki LeBlanc

Professionals and amateurs both have won numerous awards for photos taken during the West Texas Photography Workshop! The historic Kokernot o6 Ranch, founded in 1912, is one of the largest ranches in Texas. Come April, that means two things: Branding time and the West Texas Photography Workshop! There are no greater opportunities for real West Texas photography than the Kokernot o6 Ranch. Photographers will leave the ranch with fabulous photographs and lasting memories. You will make new and lasting friendships and experience the age-old life of the cowboys and cowgirls in an awesome part of Texas!

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Belgium Countryside Photo Tour
April 25th - May 2nd, 2015 - Vorselaar, Belgium

Photo by Gigi EmbrechtsIf you are looking for new subjects to photograph, this is the tour for you. Spring is a wonderful time to visit Europe. Amazing flowers in full bloom, early morning fog covering the landscape. You'll feel as if you are stepping back in time photographing draft horses working the fields.

Attending this unique tour, you will have the opportunity to go and experience first hand the Belgian fishermen and their horses hard at work. The tradition of their fishing technique is only performed in sea shores of Belgium. The tour also covers the vast Belgium countryside and secret nooks seemingly frozen in time. By attending this small, intimate tour of only 5 participants, you are certain to have an amazing experience returning home with unique images that are sure to treasured.

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Colorado Cowboys and
Great American Horse Drive

April 26th - May 3rd, 2015 (2 events) - Craig, Colorado

Photo by Carien SchippersImagine a place where the wild west still lives . . . hundreds of horses running with power and freedom, beautiful light and dust, real working cowboys and cowgirls, big open spaces and wood corrals. Beautiful open blue skies and long days to live it and photograph it . . . if this sounds like heaven to you then join us in a special part of western America where the real west is still alive and EPNet members have special access to document it with our cameras and share it with a group of like minded photographers and horse lovers. There is no other place or event like it on earth!

This event will begin with an optional Photoshop Class session led by Sherron Sheppard, followed by two days of exclusive access to the Sombrero Ranch horses, cowboys and cowgirls with sessions led by Scott Trees and Carien Schippers and Nikon gear available to try for all participants with Nikon Rep Mark Kettenhofen present. The workshop session will wind up with a second Photoshop session with Sherron Sheppard, photo and portfolio reviews and a wrap up slide show party with all out Sombrero friends.

Part two of the event will start with a trip into the vast Sombrero Ranch outback followed by two days of the Great American Horse Drive, an event like no other.

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True Grit: Canyonlands
May 1st - 5th, 2015 - Canyonlands, Utah

Photo by Norm ClassenThere is no more unique and stunning setting in the west than the Canyonlands region of eastern Utah. This workshop will be hosted by one of the toughest, most dynamic, and colorful cowgirls we've ever known. There are few matriarchs of big ranches left in the world and you will not regret getting to know this one. We spend the week on her ranch, which is a part of Canyonlands National Park, home to many Marlboro shoots, the City Slicker movies, and more. We have the opportunity to run horses with the magnificent canyon scenery, utilize their fabulous riverbeds and study natural light portraiture amongst the fabulous and historic log outbuildings of this historic ranch, and the cowboys that run it. We also time this workshop to coincide with branding season, an incredible visual treat and challenge.

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White Horses of Camargue
May 11th - 17th, 2015 - Camargue, Southern France

Photo by Bobbie GoodrichDue to the popularity of her 2014 tour, Bobbie Goodrich workshops is again offering an exceptional itinerary in 2015 for her Camargue photo tour.

This exciting itinerary includes 9 photo shoots in addition to post processing instruction to assure that everyone leaves filled with new ideas and techniques for bringing their images from RAW to WOW. This workshop fills fast. For more details, registration to reserve your space in this upcoming tour, visit the web site.

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France - White Horses of Camargue Workshop 2015
May 17th - 23rd 2015 - 6 Nights - Les Saintes Maries de la Mer, France

Imagine a herd of white horses thundering towards you, wild, with lush manes flowing through the air, the Mediterranean Sea as your backdrop. Come join us in France to photograph the world-renowned White Horses of Camargue. You don't have to be a horse lover to want to experience the power and beauty of these horses along with the heart-pounding thrill of feeling the beat of their hoofs at your feet. The white horses of Camargue are some of the most beautiful horses in the world and they are an absolute joy to photograph.

Photo by Jodie Willard

Renowned photographers and teachers Tony Bonanno and Jodie Willard will be co-leading a small group of like-minded individuals to photograph the magnificent White Horses in the south of France. The custom designed workshop includes 10 photo sessions with the Camargue horses. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to photograph the unique birds of the surrounding wetlands and the charming countryside of the region.

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True Grit: Polson, Montana
June 23rd - 27th, 2015

Photo by Norm ClassenThis workshop needs very little introduction. It takes place in the heart of cowboy country with the magnificent Mission Mountain Range and Glacier National Park as a backdrop. Many famous Marlboro ads and billboards have been shot at this location and we have the unique pleasure to work with some of Norm's long-time Marlboro wranglers, stock providers, their ranches, and their families.

This workshop is traditionally for professional shooters, where we really push each other to a new level of seeing and inspiration. It is a week of real immersive assignment type work. We'll document the entire dynamic of the lives of the cowboys and their families, and push our skills in a variety of challenging but visually stunning situations. We'll have the opportunity to run larges herds of mares and their new foals across the incredible terrain, and the workshop concludes with the rare opportunity of shooting behind the chutes of a Professional NRA (National Rodeo Association) rodeo, or as Norm likes to call it, to capture "testosterone at its max." Don't miss joining us on this extraordinary week.

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Gypsy Vanners, Clydesdales and Drum Horses
June 27th - 29th, 2015 - Bellingham, Washington

Photo by Tamara GoocheI invite you to join me for 3 marvelous days of creative and artistic equine photography. This Womens Only Photography Workshop is designed to bring out the creativity you. Your inspiration will be working with the beautiful Gypsy Vanner Horse as well as Drum Horses and Clydesdales. We will be photographing some incredible stallions, mares and foals at the beautiful Kalapso Bay Farms in Bellingham, Washington. The facility is surrounded by lush green pastures and tall fir trees and lies just behind the beautiful backdrop of Mt. Baker.

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The Wild Horses Of Wyoming
July 18th - 21st, 2015

Photo by Tamara Gooche
The incredible wild horses of McCullough Peaks are without a doubt one of the best herds left to photograph.

Photographer Jess Lee and I are delighted to have you join us to experience the splendor and excitement of these incredible wild horses.

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The Horses That Dreams Are Made Of II
July 31st - August 2nd, 2015 - Florence, Washington

Photo by Tamara GoocheSome things just bare repeating and this Women's Only Workshop is one of them. To add to the experience this year we are taking this one to the coast and the beautiful beach of Florence, Oregon. We will have two amazing stallions, a Friesian and an Andalusian, and a beautiful model just as before, but this time they will be galloping through the surf and sand to give you an extremely unique experience you will never forget.

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Powderhorn Ranch Women's Retreat
August 19th - 24th, 2015 - Douglas, Wyoming

Ladies: Join us for five nights at the beautiful and iconic Powderhorn Ranch in Wyoming as we enjoy the hospitality and horsemanship of the wonderful True family. This is a truly special place where you can leave the world behind for a little while and enjoy the essence of the western landscape and lifestyle. Shoots will include herd drives, working cattle, cowgirl and cowboy portraits, dramatic landscape scenes, magical barn light, headshots, action and so much more!

Photo by Carien Schippers

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Horses & Icons of the Wild West in Autumn
September 27th - October 3rd, 2015 With Jeff Vanuga - Shell, Wyoming

Capture the boundless beauty of horses and the essence of the American cowboy in this exclusive photo shoot. Photograph herds of horses against mountain and red-rock backgrounds at our spectacular Wyoming ranch location - during the colorful autumn season. While the horses, Western scenery, and cowboys and cowgirls are the stars of this show, the "director" (a.k.a. tour leader) is what really makes this trip shine for participants. Longtime Photo Safaris leader Jeff Vanuga has been orchestrating these shoots since 2006 and each year refines and improves them. The importance of his role on this shoot cannot be overemphasized. Jeff works with our ranch's wranglers to create dramatic photo ops of horses running through streams, kicking up dust on backlit trails, and ambling through mountain scenery and against Autumn backdrops.

Photos by Rick Vanselow

Back at the ranch, we also create portraits of riders and horse handlers dressed in western wear, and still-life images of cowboy gear. This is a highly-productive shoot on which you'll quickly fill your hard drives with stunning images of the Horses & Icons of the American Wild West in Autumn!

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Spirit-N-Light Intensive 2015
November 16 - 21, 2015 - Parkfield, California

Photo by Piper MacKayThe Spirit-N-Light intensive workshop is designed to create stunning imagery with a concentrated focus on dramatic lighting, an element that can be the difference between a snapshot and a great shot. Having a strong focus on one element, with exciting subjects, in an inspiring environment, can have a great impact on learning your craft and quickly elevate your photography. This workshop is an intense schedule of photography in the field, dealing heavily with different qualities of light and composition, followed by constructive group critiques, and post-processing techniques to make your images pop. This is a workshop to improve your skills in creating dynamic photographs, and not just to take snapshots of pretty horses.

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