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Grief Hoskin

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JL Grief Fine Art Photography
Grief Hoskin
10300 Imperial Dam Rd
Yuma AZ 85365

Available Services: Art, Advertising/Commercial, B/W, Photography Clinic, Digital, Farm,
As an advocate of the Preservation of the West, including the landscapes and lifestyles of the American and Canadian Rancher, I am honored to have a chance to depict their stories and traditions thru my photographs. City bred and Ranch raised on the outskirts of Calgary, Canada for the first 27 years of my life, with the last 30 years conveniently located in the middle of nowhere in the Arizona Desert, has contributed significantly to the style of photography I’ve come to love. In my youth, “Going down the road”, finding out I couldn’t “ride a barn rail” but still learning the values of the Code of the West, has given me my appreciation and admiration for the ones who make a living from it. I both envy and admire them. Please take a moment to visit my website at www.jlgrief.com, I I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did taking them.
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