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Gabriele Boiselle

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Edition Boiselle
Gabriele Boiselle
Wormserstrasse 30
D-67346 Speyer
+49 6232 629662
Available Services: Advertising/Commercial, Digital, Editorial, Portrait, Race,
Gabriele Boiselle is a well known and very successful equestrian photographer. Born of a horse breeder's family, she went on to become a journalist, studying Media Sciences in Munich. She worked for radio and television in Germany and travelled as a freelance photographer and writer through Asia and the Arabian countries. In 1982, she visited the National Egptian Stud "Al Zahraa" in Cairo for the first time and fell in love with the Arabian horse. The grace and beauty of these horses inspired her to start a career in horse-photography. Beside Arabian horses, she presents in her work many different breeds of horses as well as cats, dogs and wildlife photography. Her passionate love for horses takes her to every corner of the globe. With understanding, patience and a unique intuition, she creates special images of the horse. She not only captures their beauty and elegance with her camera but also each animal's individual personality in an intimate and touching way. You can visit Gabrielle Boiselle at Edition Boiselle in Speyer, where she has built up her own publishing house. The office and rooms with a permanent exhibition of photographs are located directly in the town centre. There you can also have a look at the new calendars, books and stationery. The Archive Boiselle, a big picture archive with over 200.000 original slides and negatives, is also located in this rooms.

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