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Tony Stromberg
P.O. Box 9624
Santa Fe NM 87504
Available Services: Art, Advertising/Commercial, B/W, Photography Clinic, Digital, Editorial, Farm, Graphic Design, Portrait, Stock, Video,
Following an inner yearning for more space and stillness,  Tony recently moved back to Santa Fe to pursue his true passion in fine art photography,  and to be closer to his favorite subject,  the horse.  In working with the Bureau of Land Management as well as numerous wildlife sanctuaries and private ranches,  Tony travels throughout the western United States and Europe in search of the elusive and mysterious spirit of the Wild Horse,  attempting to capture the freedom and power of his subjects on film.

Tony believes that technology and the pace of modern life has caused a disturbing separation between people and the natural world,  and hopes that his work may help to bridge this gap.  He also believes that horses can be profound teachers for us,  bringing a deep wisdom to a world that is already dangerously out of balance.  Freedom,  spirit,  power,  grace,  harmony... these are all qualities that Tony hopes to re-ignite in people’s souls through his work.

His photography has been featured in several national publications,  and he is currently working on a photography book project on the spirit of the horse,  as well as a book project on the role of horses as teachers and healers in their evolving relationship to human beings.
Tony’s work is represented in numerous galleries throughout the United States.

Tony sells stock photography for advertising, print and Multimedia. He is also available for assignment work. Those interested, please contact Tony by phone or email.

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