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Sherron's Secrets for Creating Great Photographs

A Webinar and Video Class with Sherron Sheppard
5-time Photographer of the Year - Professional Photographers of California
August 24th - September 7th, 2020

Image by Sherron Sheppard

Class Includes:

  • Two live Zoom sessions with Sherron that will be recorded for review.
  • 11 Pre-recorded videos for over 2 hours of Photoshop and Elements education.
  • Gentle critique of 1 or 2* of each student's images during Zoom sessions with friendly advice for improvement.
    *depending on class size
  • Access to a private Facebook group.
  • Additional Mentoring sessions will be available.

Zoom Session #1:  Wednesday, August 26th 7PM ET/4PM PT (recorded for later viewing)
Sherron will present many of her secrets she uses to create her award-winning images. She will also cover, step by step, selected Photoshop techniques she uses in creating every image.

Sherron will critique student submitted images, centered on her own artistic approach to photography, giving honest suggestions on what is right about the images and what will make the images better. In addition to her artistic vision, Sherron's success in photography is due in large part to her traditional art knowledge and following the artist's rules of design. She offers suggestions that are designed to add impact and to make the image more artistic.

You must submit your photos for critique no later than Saturday, August 22nd.

Zoom Session #2:  Wednesday, September 2nd 7PM ET/4PM PT (recorded for later viewing)
Sherron will go through some of her own images, layer by layer, to show how she changes ordinary images into award winning images using simple Photoshop techniques. She will also cover her thought process behind the changes she makes in an image. Included in the discussion will be an image that scored a perfect 100 at both the state level (PPC) and national PPA level.

The best way to learn to create great images is to get quality feedback on your images so Sherron will continue to offer students suggestions on how to create award winning images for themselves. Students may send 1 to 2 images (depending on enrollment) which will be gently critiqued by Sherron. Friendly advice will be offered to help you improve your images.

Images by Sherron Sheppard

What this program covers:

  • Secrets that Sherron uses when altering her images.
  • Images that illustrate discussion points.
  • Photoshop techniques are covered, step by step.
  • Layer by layer explaination of retouching process to help students gain insight into her thought process.
  • Critique suggestions to help students alter their own image and improve their image designs.
  • Help students create their own potentially award-winning images with impact.
  • Access to a private Facebook group

Photoshop/Element Videos:
11 Pre-recorded Videos from On-line Photoshop/Elements Fundamentals Workshop, over 2-1/2 hours of Photoshop/Elements educational videos.

Topics covered in videos:

  • How to create and use Reveal and Hide All masks.
  • How to create Combined layers and how to use them.
  • Examples of how Sherron uses Tint layers on color and BW images
  • How to create and use Burn and Dodge layers
  • 3 videos on how to select and mask out edges when combining images
  • Explanation on how to Transform elements.
  • How to use the Clone Tool
  • Adjustment layer and Blend Mode
  • 3 Methods to remove Color Fringing
  • Links to access videos provided by email. The material will be active for approximately 3 months.
  • Also included is a Photoshop/Elements Shortcut, Tips, and Information supplement PDF.

Complete class including Webinar sessions and listed materials $69.

Additional Mentoring sessions available: Private 2-week Critique Sessions with Sherron Sheppard for additional images. Students may submit up to 5 new images by email within the 2-week Mentoring session. In addition, students can re-submit those images as many times as needed with Sherron's modifications … $49

Purchase Sherron Sheppard's Secrets Class

Complete class including Webinar sessions and listed materials - $69.

Private Mentoring Session with Sherron Sheppard - $49.

About Sherron Sheppard

Image by Sherron Sheppard

Sherron began her photographic career photographing weddings. Over 15 years ago Sherron transitioned into fine art photography and started presenting programs and workshops to amateur and professional photographers. She teaches Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter classes at the California Professional Photographers West Coast School, EPNet, and conducts private workshops. Sherron is a Master Photographer, a Master of Electronic Imaging, and a Certified Photographic Craftsman. Sherron has been awarded California's Professional Photographers "Photographer of the Year" 5 times, has received Canon's Par Excellence Award and has had two prints which have scored a perfect 100 in print competitions. Sherron has earned numerous Fuji Masterpiece awards, Kodak Gallery Awards, Judges Awards, and Professional Photographers of America Loan Collection prints.

Sherron's work can be seen at www.SherronSheppard.com

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