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A New On Line "Digital Art" Course with Sherron Sheppard

Photo collage by Sherron Sheppard

Please join us for Sherron's new 2 week on-line course:
Push the Limits of your Creativity
by Creating and Using Textures

Monday August 14th to Sunday August 27th

Late registration will be accepted until August 18th

New … video links that demonstrate steps in the written course material plus bonus videos!

Adding textures to your photographs is a very popular trend right now and so fun to do. You don't have to spend money to buy textures. You can use your camera, Photoshop/Elements and traditional art mediums to create your own textures and they are very easy to create.

It's critical now to make your work different from others and one of the best ways to do that is to hand create your textures. Custom, one of a kind, textures give your images a unique style and mood that is all your own. The advantage of creating your own textures is that they are yours and yours alone and not ones that hundreds of other photographers also use. Textures can add character, make your work more interesting and get you noticed as a "trend setter".

by Sherron SheppardIn addition to computer and traditional medium textures, environmental textures can be found everywhere around us. You'll find how easy it is photograph, alter and apply these captured textures to your images to produce unique products for your clients. This course provides easy to follow, step by step, course material on how to capture and use these textures as well as how to create your own digitally and also from scratch using traditional art tools, paints, gels and mediums. In addition, the course includes links to 17 class videos that demonstrate steps in the written course material and links to 2 bonus videos that show how Sherron cuts out and masks around an object and wispy hairs. The video links will be active for 30 days after the class ends.

This is a "Creating Texture" class but it is really much more than a texture class. It is about creating fine art images in a creative and unique way. Students are asked to post their images and every image that students post will be evaluated by Sherron and suggestions made on how to make your image better. Each participant will be given individual feedback to help them analyze their own images with more of an artistic eye. This posting process exposes students to even more variety of Photoshop techniques and artistic ideas. In addition to the workshop topics, students will gain compositional design knowledge and Photoshop skills that can be applied to any photographic style. Even though this is a texture course, any type of photographic image can be posted for a critique.

The course consists of downloadable written materials, links to videos and a special discussion space on the EPNet Forum and is a "work at your own pace" class that you can into your own schedule within the two week period. If you're interested in taking ordinary photographs and turning them into "one of a kind" fine art that is different and has a unique style, join us in this fun class and create your own textures.

Have you taken the Textures course in the past or Sherron's Fundamentals course?
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Visit Sherron's web site to see more of her work.

Registration Details About the Course

Prerequisite and Software:

Prerequisites: Intermediate knowledge of Photoshop
Software: Photoshop (Versions CS and later) or Elements (Versions 9 and later). This course is written for the full version of Photoshop but notations are included where a technique is different in Elements. In addition, there is an Elements Preparation and Review Supplement".
Hardware: A Wacom tablet makes painting on layer masks easier but a tablet is not required for this class.
Your computer and Internet connection must be adequate to access the videos.

Registration Information:
  • You do not need to be an EPNet member to take the course.
  • Late registration closes August 18th. No registrations will be accepted after August 18.
  • Participants need to be registered on the EPNet discussion forum:
    http://www.equinephotographers.org/4um/ to be able to participate.
  • Time spent on the forum and reading the material as well as shooting for the assignments will be at your convenience. The course forum location is private, for participants' access only.

Absolute sign up deadline is August 18th. The course will start August 14th.
The course will last approximately 2 weeks. Course cost is $149.
You must be registered on the forum (no cost) to participate.

Register for this course via PayPal - $149

Two Important PayPal Notes:

  • You do not have to be a PayPal member to use PayPal with a credit card.
  • If your PayPal email address does not match your EPNet forum email address
    please email us so we send the course details to the correct address!

EPNet Refund Policy: No refunds after the first week of class.

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