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Creative Careers in Photography: Making a Living With or Without a Camera (Paperback) Michael Heron $17.00
  • Examines dozens of career possibilities--many that don’t require a camera
  • Self-assessment tools to pinpoint the perfect job, plus school and organization listings
  • Priceless for students, career counselors, second-career seekers
For anyone who loves working with photographs, here is a comprehensive guide to turning that passion into a career. Author Michal Heron, a veteran photographer, reveals the full range of possibilities, from shooting pictures to jobs that don’t even require a camera. Corporate settings, editorial, media/audio-visual, fine arts, buying and selling, support services, set and location services, computer imaging, gallery and museum, teaching, writing, and many other career choices are presented. Readers will learn to assess their motivations, pinpoint their favorite areas of photography, explore lifestyle choices, understand required skills, and ultimately find the area of the industry that best matches their talents and their goals. Extra resources include listings for photography schools and professional organizations.
How to Grow As a Photographer: Reinventing Your Career Tony Luna $17.00
The advent of digital photography has meant that many traditional photographers have had to reinvent themselves and their work. How to Grow as a Photographer is the book that helps with this sometimes difficult transition. It lets photographers rediscover why they chose their career—and how to get back on the path to creative fulfillment. Author Tony Luna’s five steps of creative evolution offer photographers a chance to recognize, assess, plan, and implement a program for creative and professional growth.
Profitable Photography In The Digital Age: Strategies For Success Dan Heller $22.00
The rapid evolution of digital photography and the ease of distribution over the Internet has transformed the photo industry. Everything from marketing and sales to competitive pricing and job security has been affected. And now that the flood gates have come down, everyone from semi-pros to amateurs to the common consumer affects how business is done, whether it's pricing, assignments, or just getting your photos seen by potential buyers. In a market once dominated by agencies and seasoned professionals, succeeding in today's industry demands a fresh new approach. For those who are just starting out or those who are established photographers trying to compete more effectively in a changing market, Dan Heller’s book Profitable Photography in the Digital Age provides a new and progressive approach to understanding and succeeding in the photography business in today’s market. It will help established photographers find new strategies for diversifying revenue streams and adding nontraditional sources of income. By following Heller’s strategies and integrating the concepts presented in Profitable Photography in the Digital Age, anyone who wants to have a career in the photo industry will have the tools he or she needs to succeed.
Selling Your Photography: How to Make Money in New and Traditional Markets Richard Weisgrau $17.00
Selling Your Photography is the road map to help photographers find their way through the complexities of the marketplace and get their images published! This insider's guide examines magazines, newspapers, books, posters, greeting cards, calendars, brochures, print and Web advertisements, annual reports, and more. Chapters cover how to: Break into diverse markets; Shoot and sell stock and assignment photography; Find advertising, corporate, editorial, and merchandise segment clients; Work with photo editors, art directors, and communication directors; Market your photography; Develop good business habits; License and price your work; Get new clients through past publication; Make additional sales with the same photographs. Anyone who plans to have his or her images published will need this handy guide.
The Photographer's Guide to Negotiating Richard Weisgrau $17.00
The crucial guide for every shutterbug who is a better photographer than a negotiator! An industry leader instills photographers with the confidence and common sense they need to negotiate effectively with clients, vendors, fellow photographers, and others. Readers will be surprised to recognize ways in which they already negotiate successfully in everyday life and how they can apply these principles in business. Drawing from decades of experience, the author examines the nature of negotiating and the traits of a good negotiator. This book reveals the best strategies and tactics for business dealings and ways for photographers to best plan for a negotiation. Specific tips are offered for negotiating assignment deals, stock photography sales, contracts, purchases, and more. In-depth interviews with an art buyer, a photographer, and a photographer’s representative reveal firsthand clues to effective negotiating, as well as blunders to avoid. A special section offers practical advice to help readers practice and further hone their negotiating skills.
The Photographers Internet Handbook Joe Farace $18.00
The Photographer’s Internet Handbook, revised edition, is a smart shortcut to the Internet for photographers who want to fully realize the communication, marketing and research potential of the Internet without all that hype. Written by an author who deeply understands the Internet needs and interests of photographers, this comprehensive all-in-one resource discusses the latest in browsers, research techniques, self-promotion strategies, and must-know photography websites.
Digital Infrared Photography: Professional Techniques and Images Patrick Rice $27.00
Presenting advances in infrared photography, which has long been an artful alternative to traditional color or black-and-white photography, this guide provides tips for creating vivid infrared prints. Previsualizing the effects of infrared light on a subject, successfully using Adobe Photoshop to heighten the effects of infrared images, and creative toning and framing strategies are discussed. The savings from shooting digitally and using imaging programs during development are also detailed. Before-and-after photographs paired with instructive text provide a visual approach to this ethereal photography form.
Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines   $27.00
Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines, 11th Edition is the industry bible, containing information all graphic artists and their clients need to buy and sell work in a totally professional manner. This edition has been revised and updated to provide all the information you need to compete in an industry moving at lightning speed.
  • The ultimate reference book for design and illustration professionals
  • Latest pricing information based on real industry surveys
  • An updated chapter on digital media and web design to help you keep pace
  • A complete guide to professional ethics & business standards
  • Easy-to-read explanations of copyright and legal issues that affect you
  • Tips on negotiating the best deals
  • Sample contracts that make it a snap to "get it in writing"
Digital Stock Photography: How to Shoot and Sell Michal Heron $17.00
Digital Stock Photography equips photographers with everything they need to know to create digital stock photos that sell in today's marketplace. From organizing a shoot to raking in the profits as the pictures sell and sell and sell again, all the steps are here: Capturing digital images, working with scans, digital delivery of images, evaluating equipment, organizing digital files, building an archive, and more. Thirty assignments, designed to reflect the latest trends in photography, provide readers with a blueprint for building a stock collection. Special sections explain how to market, negotiate and quote prices, and manage a business, plus obtaining model releases and protecting copyright.
Photographers Practical Handbook Paul Davies $22.00
Packed with useful tips, this practical book shows you what you need and how to use it whatever your chosen field of photography: outdoors or in, on the computer or in the darkroom, landscape or portrait.

From how to set up a studio or darkroom in your own home to what to take out into the field with you, Paul Harcourt Davies provides the down-to-earth advice that photographers need to take them to the next level. In simple terms, he sets out the essential techniques of different aspects of photography and explains what equipment you really need, how you can get it, adapt it or even build it yourself, and how to get the most out of it. Whether you want to set up your own digital darkroom, take professional studio portraits in your spare room or go out and take better landscapes, The Photographer?s Practical Handbook will give you everything you need to do it.
The Professional Photographer’s Legal Handbook Nancy E. Wolff $22.00
Anyone who wants to make a living by licensing rights to pictures will benefit from this real-world guide to photography and the law. This accessible and entertaining volume takes readers through the nuances and subtleties of copyright, trademark, and the laws of privacy and publicity. With a look at cases, statutes, and news items from today’s headlines, Wolff covers the most timely and pressing legal matters confronting photographers and their representatives, including:

• Rights and licensing under copyright • Infringement • Protected trademarks • Photos on the Internet • Fair use • The public domain • First amendment considerations • The Digital Millennium Copyright Act • Moral rights

Written for non-lawyers, The Professional Photographer’s Legal Handbook is an essential tool for photographers, photo buyers, stock agents, picture researchers, reps, and other professionals in the field of photography.
Photographers Market Guide to Building Your Photography Business: Everything you need to know to run a successful photography business Vik Orenstein $17.00
Displaying the same wit and charm that made her Creative Techniques for Photographing Children a commercial success, Vik Orenstein shoots straight with photographers on what it takes to build a successful photo business. She combines big-picture thinking with a soft touch to deliver sound, practical advice on such core topics as developing a marketing plan, building a clientele, networking and maintaining creative fulfillment.

The guide is a major asset for: - Amateurs seeking a friendly overview of the business - Established photographers delving into a new niche - Freelancers interested in selling stock - Photographers starting their own studio

At 320 pages, the book's simultaneous deep and broad treatment makes it an excellent companion to the business-focused introduction found in Photographer's Market. Vik also covers such important specialties as wedding, commercial and nature photography in individual chapters and frequently complements her own advice with that of industry experts.
The Photoshop Elements 5 Book for Digital Photographers Scott Kelby $27.00
Scott Kelby offers full-color, graphically rich, linear, tutorial- and project-based examples of every key step in the digital photography process. From experimenting with camera settings, through capturing and manipulating the image, through editing, output and organization, this book is designed for the digital photographer who knows aesthetics but who wants a concise guide to "grip it and rip it" usage of digital technology. Photoshop Elements is a very powerful and affordable image editing software. It carries many of the same features Photoshop does without the complicated graphs and tools. It also carries it all at a much less expensive price tag - only $99, compared Photoshop's $600. Anyone making the transition from film to digital photography will learn the stuff that is critical for Photoshop Elements -- no theory, no challenging the readers to come up with their own settings. This book shows the readers exactly "how to do it."
The Adobe Photoshop CS Book for Digital Photographers Scott Kelby $17.00
Each year Scott Kelby trains thousands of professional photographers how to use Photoshop, and almost without exception they have the same questions and the same problems -- that's exactly what Scott covers in this book. You'll learn:
  • The secrets of how the pros retouch portraits
  • How to color correct any photo without breaking a sweat (you’ll be amazed at how they do it!)
  • How to unlock the power of Photoshop CS' new features for digital photo pros
  • Amazing digital body-sculpting techniques
  • How the pros use CS' File Browser (it's much more powerful than you think)
  • Tricks that can send your productivity through the roof
  • The sharpening techniques the pros really use (there's an entire chapter just on this!)
  • How to deal with common digital camera image problems
  • Removing noise, avoiding halos, and protecting your images
  • How to use Match Color, The Color Replacement Tool, and other amazing CS tools.
  • Masking techniques for photographers
  • The most-requested photographic special effects
  • and much more!
Photoshop CS is THE tool for digital photographers, and this book show you exactly how to put it's power to work for you today.
ASMP Professional Business Practices in Photography American Society of Media Photographers $27.00
From standard practices in stock and assignment photography to special one-time decisions such as acquiring a digital workstation, this “business bible” provides the latest answers to any legal or business question an aspiring or professional photographer can ask. In eleven in-depth chapters, over two dozen industry experts offer practical guidance on such topics as estimating prices, formalizing agreements, using electronic technology, and much more. This completely updated Sixth Edition also features dozens of ready-to-copy legal and business forms, helpful checklists, and an extensive cross-media bibliography.

The American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) has been the leading national organization of professional photographers for more than 50 years. It is the accepted authority setting the standards for business practices in professional photography.

Packed with basic business and legal forms, checklists, and an extensive cross-media bibliography, This book discusses how to
  • price products and services intelligently
  • negotiate fees and agreements with competence
  • handle rights in traditional and electronic media
  • develop profitable business and marketing strategies
  • choosing the right technology
  • book publishing
The Real Business of Photography Richard Weisgrau $17.00
This honest, tell-all guide is written by one of the best-known players of the media photography business. Drawing from decades of experience as a working photographer and industry leader, the author defies popular business myths and trend-driven behavior by providing a fresh, common-sense approach to running a photography business. The essentials of running a photography business are covered-from setting a strategic vision to managing finances.
Legal Handbook for Photographers: The Rights and Liabilities of Making Images, 2nd Edition Bert Krages $27.00
Covering the legal rights photographers need to know when making images, this book details where one can take photographs, the laws affecting personal privacy, and how to obtain and document consent. It also provides a comprehensive explanation of the legal restrictions on photographing subject matter such as copyrighted material, military and nuclear facilities, trademarks, nudity, and currency. Not merely a legal treatise, the book provides practical advice on how to avoid and handle confrontations, the remedies available to photographers who have been wronged, and how to form a personal ethic.
Photographer's Guide to Marketing and Self Promotion Maria Piscopo $17.00
A veteran photographer's rep reveals how to find more clients and make more money. This newly revised third edition has been brought completely up-to-date to reflect current photo market trends and the latest techniques for using the Internet. The book explains how to build a marketing plan that incorporates self-promotion, advertising, direct marketing, public relations, and the Internet. Promotion pieces, portfolios, researching and winning clients, negotiating rates, finding and working with reps, computers, and the ethics of good business are just a few of the topics covered.
Photography: Focus on Profit Tom Zimberoff $30.00
Here is a unique, all-in-one reference to conquering the photography business. Not only does it demonstrate hundreds of time-proven procedures for making a profit, but it also supplies the software to do it. This no-fail guide details the “best practices” for starting, running, and evaluating the ongoing operation of a photography business. Unlike any other book on the market, Photography: Focus on Profit also addresses the importance of how-to business automation for every photographer's studio. It features an accompanying CD-ROM containing Photobyte® . Here is everything the photographer needs to know about raising finances choosing the right digital equipment, day-to-day business management, and more. This one-stop guide is the ultimate answer to a business world where a photographer's success depends on handling operations consistently, effectively, and professionally.
Legal Guide for Visual Artists Tad Crawford $17.00
This highly acclaimed reference book presents a comprehensive overview of the legal issues faced by anyone working in the visual arts. The narrative text is arranged into twenty-four chapters covering: copyright, contracts, censorship, moral rights, sales (by artist, gallery, or agent), taxation, estate planning, museums, collecting, and grants. The book suggests basic strategies, gives information to help with further action, and contains many sample legal forms and contracts. This edition is a complete revision, providing not only updated legal information, but also covering the ever-increasing importance of new media and electronic rights.
Negotiating Stock Photo Prices Jim Pickerell $35.00
The most widely used guide to pricing stock photography has just been updated. The Fifth Edition of Negotiating Stock Photo Prices is two books in one. Updated base prices for hundreds of uses in: advertising, brochures, magazines, newspapers, textbooks, annual reports, billboards, packaging, posters, etc. as well as expanded pricing for web and electronic uses. Negotiating tips and an expanded discussion of strategies and techniques that can be used when negotiating Rights Protected uses in today's very competitive market. Each image and use has unique factors that effect the fee charged. This book explains how to identify these factors and consider them when establishing a price. An in depth discussion of recent stock agency acquisitions and consolidations that have changed the stock photo industry and required everyone to employ totally new production and marketing strategies to succeed. The book outlines where the industry stands today and where it is headed. Anyone presently selling stock images needs to carefully consider the issues discussed in this book. For those new to stock photography, this 385 page book provides a basic starting point for understanding and profiting in today's challenging stock photo market. The book contains charts detailing base rates for hundreds of different uses. For photo buyers who regularly license rights to images this book can give you a better understanding of the sellers position, and thus make you a more effective negotiator.
The Copyright Guide - A Friendly Guide to Protecting and Profiting from Copyrights Lee Wilson $17.00
This is the definitive handbook for artists, writers, musicians, software designers, photographers, and anyone else who creates, acquires, or exploits copyrights in their business or personal creative activities. Updated to reflect recent changes in U.S. copyright law, this revised edition states fully: what can and cannot be protected under current laws; infringement and how to avoid it; and more. The author explains copyrights in a logical, progressive fashion, making a complex subject easy to understand. Several standard form agreements are included that alone are worth more than the price of the book.
How to Shoot Stock Photos that Sell Michael Heron $17.00
Written by a leader in the world of stock photography, this completely revised and updated third edition of How to Shoot Stock Photos That Sell provides practical, detailed advice on every area of producing, marketing, and selling stock photography—from the basics of planning and producing a shoot to running a successful stock business. New to this edition is updated information on digital photography, including techniques for shooting with digital cameras and using digital imaging, as well as surefire ways to market stock photography on the Web.
SellPhotos.Com: Your Guide to Establishing a Successful Stock Photography Business on the Internet Rohn Engh $16.00
Photography is in the midst of a revolution. Rohn Engh shows part-time and professional photographers how to compete with the big agencies by using the Internet--the new frontier of stock photography sales--and by determining how their images, both traditional and digital, are delivered and paid for. A comprehensive guide, sellphotos.com covers everything for photographers from Internet basics and the nature of the stock photography trade to building their own web sites and operating their own business.
Sell & Resell Your Photos: Learn How to Sell Your Pictures Worldwide 5th Edition Rohn Engh $17.00
Completely revised and updated, this classic shows new and veteran photographers how to sell their work. Filled with photos, charts, tables and sidebars, Sell & Re-Sell Your Photos helps photographers focus their goals and improve their profit picture. Includes advice on: -- good pictures vs. marketable pictures -- the World Wide Web and how computers are being used in the stock photo business -- how to market by mail -- and present a professional image -- promotion techniques that get your name out, your pictures noticed -- a filing method that keeps your pictures easily retrievable -- how to approach a stock photo agency.
Shooting & Selling Your Photos: The Complete Guide to Making Money With Your Photography Jim Zuckerman $22.00
This book combines beautiful show-and-tell photography, straightforward, authoritative instruction, updated technological information and complete coverage on breaking into today's photography market. The book is divided into three parts: "Shooting," "Building Your Image" and "Selling." By covering all three areas, Jim Zuckerman offers everything readers need to get serious about their photography. Zuckerman shows readers how to: pick powerful subjects, decide between film and digital formats, create dynamic portfolios in print and online, use the Internet for marketing, self-promotion and photos sales, understand the inner-workings of stock photo agencies and get noticed with creative, professional submissions.
How to Start a Home-Based Photography Business Kenn Oberrecht $17.00
Author Kenn Oberrecht shares his experience and advice on every aspect of setting up and running a thriving home-based photography business. He shows you how to estimate your start-up costs, outfit your darkroom, and stay profitable once you are in business.

Whether you want to earn your living as a portrait photographer, photojournalist, or product photographer or be the most versatile photographer in your community - this guide will put you on the path to building your own home-based business.

  • Learn all about:
  • Honing Your Photographic Skills
  • Setting Pricing Policies
  • Getting Paid
  • Buying the Right Computer Equipment
  • Taking Your Business Online
  • Working out of Your Home
  • Use these special features and workbook pages:
  • Cash-flow Projection Worksheet
  • Profit-and-Loss Worksheet
  • Sample Press Release
  • Production/Sales/Income Report
  • Sample Invoice and Statement



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