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Blazes Equine Rescue

Postby ALissa DeVorss on Tue Jan 22, 2013 12:38 pm

Hello Everyone! Carien asked me to share what's going on with the rescue I've been working with. Blazes Equine Rescue, http://www.blazesequinerescue.com, has been near and dear to my heart for almost 6 years. My husband and I adopted a horse named Maddie from them in 2007. Her story and before and after shots can be viewed at http://www.fatcatphotos.com. During the last few years my service to this great rescue has included documenting the horses when rescued with photos as well as taking their adoption pix after they've recovered, my husband and I assist with the seizures of the horses as well as help with care when they arrive at the rescue, we work to come up with fundraisers and promotional tools as well as sponsorships and adopters. I've been a member of their board of directors since 2008. As a board, in 2011 we launched the first Blaze's Ride to the Rescue Trainer's Challenge. It's similar to the Mustang Makeover, but with rescue horses. The idea is to change the misconception that rescue horses are crazy, untrainable, washed up horses without a future. The first challenge was a huge success! We've just recently launched the 2nd Challenge. This year we have 14 trainers and 14 rescue horses. Each team has 100 days to be ready for the Challenge in May. During the challenge they're judged on a freestyle routine, tacking and untacking, manners, etc. Immediately following the challenge the 14 rescue horses will be up for adoption to their forever homes. The trainers are then given awards based on their placing during the Challenge.

For those of us that assist during the seizures the Trainer's Challenge is hugely rewarding and emotional....One cold, rainy day we were called out to a county in Oklahoma. It was like nothing we had seen before. Approximately 45 horse carcasses were located in different states of decomposition. The remaining 52 horses were found infested with internal and external parasites, injuries left untreated, hooves in extremely poor condition, some pregnant, one with a dislocated hip and another with a broken leg and body conditions ranging from a 1 to a 3. None of these horses were being properly cared for or had received proper Veterinary care in quite some time. Some of the horses hooves had growth over a year old. This is by far, one of the worst rescues we have seen. These horses had suffered a great deal. However, the ones that did not make it, suffered more than they should have been allowed. Horses were found dead, where they had dug themselves a hole and clearly suffered and died. It was devastating! We were able to save 52 horses that day....This particular day still haunts me.

Flash forward to the first Challenge....Solid Gold, a Palomino rescued from that horrible scene, had been chosen by a trainer to compete in the Challenge. He had put on weight and his coat glistened like gold in the sun. During the Challenge he performed beautifully and so willingly. See that's the thing about these horses, they know. They know they've been given a second chance and they give back 120%. After the competition Solid Gold was adopted by a young boy and his family. They were in love with him=) From behind my camera tears streamed down my face as I watched his trainer say goodbye and his boy lead him out of the arena to his new life.

I can't wait for this years Trainer's Challenge!!!!
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