Mirlo the Mustang finds a home

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Mirlo the Mustang finds a home

Postby Roxanne Capaul on Fri Jan 24, 2014 3:11 pm

Mirlo was rescued by Colorado Horse Rescue as a result of a court-ordered impound in 2009 where over 100 horses were starving on a Nebraska property. Due to the serious neglect and harsh conditions Mirlo faced, he had a long road ahead of him in learning to trust humans and re-build his confidence. Mirlo thrived with the quiet and confident support of our CHR trainer. In the beginning, the basics were a struggle for Mirlo, a task as simple as going into his stall for grain. The trainer worked with him on becoming more comfortable being caught in the pasture, followed by lessons in groundwork and desensitizing exercises. From the time Mirlo arrived at CHR he showed a great amount of try but lacked confidence in a world that had been unkind.

Mirlo now lives in his forever home with a former CHR trainer who relocated him with her family to Tennessee. Mirlo has developed into a wonderful riding horse, he has learned to relax and respond to subtle cues. He loads like a gentleman on a trailer and instead of being afraid of people now enjoys the reward of a good scratch on the withers. It is tough to work through trust issues that are man-made, yet through time, effort, and commitment we were able to come to know the horse that was always inside this magnificent black mustang… a beautiful, kind and willing soul.

To help other horses like Mirlo, donate at http://www.chr.org. ~ Shawna English, Adoption and Training Coordinator at Colorado Horse Rescue.
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