Horses in Need Documentary Project 2012

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Horses in Need Documentary Project 2012

Postby EPNet Admin on Thu Apr 12, 2012 11:01 am

Horses in Need Documentary Photo Project
Documenting horses in need around the world.
Deadline: January 25

This should be a photo - story illustrating a horse's life in documentary/editorial/ photojournalistic style.
Minimum 4 and maximum 8 photos supported by text to tell a story.
Existing work over a period of time acceptable.
Photos from this project will be featured in an upcoming special rescue edition of the EPNet newsletter and will be available to AHP publication members for possible publication.
Photos for this project will be uploaded as threads in the forum, not in the photo albums. If you prefer, you may publish your work as a web page and then post that link in the project area of the forum.
Limit three stories per photographer.
Upload Deadline is January 25.

The mission of this project is to shine a light on the condition of horses in need in the world, and the work that individuals, rescues and other organizations are doing to save them from uncertain futures. While shooting for this project and gathering information think of the end use to be an article spotlighting the person(s), horse(s) or group that you are documenting. Make contact on the local level with people working to save horses in need. Make sure that your subject is aware of what you are doing and obtain releases as needed from people that may be recognizable in your photos.

Recycled Racehorses
BLM Holding Pens
Auction Houses
Retirement Facilities
Rescue Foster Homes
Rescue workers

Please add ideas, questions, etc as a reply to this thread.
When you are ready to post your story start it as a new thread in this forum:
Click on the "new topic" tab, put your text in the text box and upload your photo by clicking the "upload attachment" tab below the text box. Size your images 600pixels on the long side 72 dpi, click submit, post each photo as a reply on your thread.

Read about previous projects here:
2009 http://www.equinephotographers.org/newsletter/resq/
2010 http://www.equinephotographers.org/newsletter/resq10/
2011: http://www.equinephotographers.org/newsletter/resq12/

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