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Kim Beer
Featured Photographer
Photo by Kim Beer

Whether you're looking to immortalize the bond between you and your horse; show-off the athleticism of your equine partner; decorate your house with beautiful art; illustrate an article; capture your family lifestyle; or are an equine business owner looking to entice customers to your service or product — you need a good photographer — and Kim Beer Photography is a great choice. Kim has over 25 years professional experience in commercial, journalistic, fine art, and portrait photography. She also teaches photography, photography software, and marketing classes.

Connect with Kim at: www.KimBeerPhotography.com or www.KimBeerSeminars.com.

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EPNet photographers throughout the world have banded together to help horses in need by donating their time and skills to promote rescue organizations and operations.

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Latest Events from the Equine Photographers Network

Creativity Boot Camp for Photographers
Virtual Camp with Carien Schippers starts August 1st

Photo by Carien SchippersIf you feel like you could use some fresh inspiration or a little different perspective in your photography plan to join us for the month of August for Creativity Boot Camp! There is no better way to get motivated than to create every day and then share with fellow photographers to hone your creative vision.

Read more about the online Boot Camp

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Creating and Using Textures
with Sherron Sheppard

Begins August 14th

Art by Sherron SheppardAdding textures to your photographs is a very easy way to make your work unique. And you don't have to spend money to buy textures. Learn how you can make your own textures using your camera, Photoshop or Elements and traditional art mediums. This short course provides easy to follow, step by step, course material on how to capture and use these textures. The advantage of creating your own textures is that they are yours and yours alone and not ones that hundreds of other photographers also use. Textures can add character, make your work more interesting and get you noticed as a "trend setter".

Read more about the Textures Course.

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